Tour to Senja

The price pr. person is 2500,- NOK.

2 nights in a Cabin. Pickup from Tromsø. A sightseeing trip on the way to the cabin Elvestua. The beautiful fairytale-Island Senja has alot of fantastic nature to see, and activities to do. We do our best to help you find the right one for you. 
Sauna and Lighthouse is available during your stay. Elvestua have 8 beddings. It is electrisity and hot/cold wather
The aeria around is in a quiet and relaxing envirement.

Necessary stops on the trip such as shopping and toilet, are provided. 
If you want to rent warm jacket and pants, you just tell us in advance. 
Guests must bring their own warm clothing undernith, hat, mittens and shoes.

Start / End: 14.00 – 14:00 (2 nights)
Duration: 48 hr
Capacity 1-8 people
Age: min. 1 years old
Difficulty: Easy
Pick-up: in Tromsø centre (see map)
Transfer: 2,5 hour from the city Tromsø
Season: October to March